anyung 안녕 means “hi” in korean.

i am a newlywed gyopo교포 wife living in seoul. i left los angeles to start a new life with my film professor husband. here you’ll get to see what i learned, what i did, what i noticed and more. for starters, this is my international acting debut (he wrote, directed, produced):


or these load more quickly:   (football/soccer)   (golf)

suddenly it has become winter. unaccustomed to seasons, i can hardly handle the cold outside. thankfully korean homes are heated using radiant heat (ondol 온돌). this means that the hot water pipes run underfoot and it’s nice and toasty inside. today i won’t go outside because there is enough food to last until tomorrow when i have an appointment to A/S (“after service”, repair) my handphone (mobile, cellular) and the walk home will take me past my favorite market (shijang 시장).