who is at the door? you won’t hear a knock-knock in seoul. instead you’ll hear a ding-dong song, not dissimilar from your handphone ringer. installed at every door is an entry system that includes a bell, intercom and video system.

the person at the door sees this:


from the inside, you see this:


you can see who is at the door, talk to them and decide whether to open the door. this is useful because there are lots of people who come along. some are friendly, some are sales people and others should be ignored. my next door neighbor will share food with me when she makes too much. i like to see her face. a lady came saying she was here to clean our gas lines but that was hyperbole and she was selling cleansers for wiping the gas range. we scooted her out once she started to comment on how the burners were clean but could be cleaner with her product. finally there was the angry stranger who was at the wrong door, shouting and flailing his arms. i asked him to leave or i would call the police. that makes this entry system superior to the door chain.

side note, when it’s your own house you are entering, there are many kinds of keyless entry available (keypad, credit card, thumb print). here is one example:


welcome, 어서오십시요!