south korea’s presidential election will be held later this month.  in preparation, these posters have been plastered throughout the city over the weekend.  each of the twelve presidential candidates has been assigned a ballot number and his party/personal message accompanies his picture.  the number assigned does not necessarily relate to his popularity in public opinion polls, but the top three candidates are in the first three slots (not in order).  

having 12 presidential candidates has made it impossible to hold a proper, televised debate.   a single session with twelve men debating would be difficult to moderate.  therefore networks wanted to present those candidates with actual potential to be elected (polls demonstrating more than 5% of voters).  less popular candidates cried foul, as it limited their voice.  

instead, news broadcasts focus on the BBK scandal and frontrunner, Lee Myung-Bak’s (이명박) potential involvement.  while the people hear roving trucks blaring pop songs especially written for each candidate and party volunteers hold clapping rallies on busy street corners.