oh how i miss hot laundry straight out of the dryer. no such thing here, where dryers are about as common as mexican restaurants. drip dry laundry is common for most of the world because it’s economical and environmentally friendly. but crunchy towels are not so friendly on the skin.


here are some laundry tips for expats in korea:

*do your ironing while things are damp to minimize wrinkles.

*bring a big bath-size towel in your luggage. velour/velvety towels seem to drip dry the best. lofty loops turn into tiny daggers when drip dried. the typical korean towel is the size of cafeteria tray and just about as soft.

*don’t like crunchy laundry? steam ironing will make things softer. i have even ironed undies and socks, but they don’t call me gyopo wife for no reason.

*after a long search for laundry stain remover, i’ve settled on using citrus kitchen spray cleaner, available at any mart (마트) or market (시장). you can find powdered oxyclean, but that doesn’t go directly on a stain. you can buy american laundry stain removers at triple the price after a lot of searching. or you can try using tips from korean housewives (아주마): rub bar soap on a stain, use dishwashing liquid, put the stained article on the verandah to get sun.

*wash your darks first and then the whites. this will reduce the lint that used to get fluffed away in a dryer. find your washing machine’s lint trap and clean it out afterwards.