Fish Cafe: (noun) place where fish nibble on your feet after you nibble on drinks and snacks; said to have health benefits because the skin exfoliation is gentle and natural, the fish only eat dead skin cells.


Curious and always up for an adventure, gyopo wife and friends went to a Fish Cafe. The sensation on your feet is a bit like electric tingling which takes a while to get used to. The sloughing was not nearly as effective as a pumice stone. But for 8,000W (price includes drink, snack and soak) per person, you can’t complain.


-For sanitary reasons, eat before you soak. You will touch your feet and slather them with lotion to end the treatment.

-Don’t go with a fresh pedicure. There is no time limit and the polish will lift off after a lengthy soak.

-Bring along your own pumice stone and use it after the fish nibbling in the rinse area.