It’s a good thing that gyopo wife isn’t a coffee addict because coffee in Korea needs improving. First of all, your typical cup of coffee is made from a packet combining instant coffee, non-dairy creamer and sugar. It’s tasty enough, like coffee ice cream, with about as much caffeine. This kind of coffee will be offered to you when you’re at someone’s house or after dinner in restaurants.


If you’re seeking a cup of brewed coffee, get in line. This means going to one of the many foreign cafes: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Starbucks, Lavazza, Pascucci. For certified organic coffee go to Cafe de Verts. Expect to pay at least 3,500W ($4 USD) for a basic brew.

Should you want to brew your own coffee at home, roll up your sleeves. You’ll need to find a coffee machine, filters and ground coffee. All of which will cost a mint and take you to a big box mart, an import specialty store and back in line at the cafe for coffee beans. I guess we pay a premium at the cafe because it saves us a lot of effort.