I’ve gotten into the habit of collecting kimchi gugmul/김치국물 (the liquid that surrounds the vegetables) ever since I made kimchi, knowing how much work it takes. Just fill an empty jar after you’ve eaten up the kimchi and all you’re left with is the kimchi gugmul/김치국물. Not knowing what I would ever do with it, I’ve come up with this fast and easy recipe:

Easy Kimchi Bokumbap Recipe (김치복음밥)

Day old rice from your fridge or rice cooker

Kimchi gugmul/김치국물 from your collection jar

Onion chopped

Chop the onion up and stir fry it in vegetable oil. Add rice and enough kimchi gugmul/김치국물 to give it a nice orange color. Should you over-pour, excess liquid evaporates with more cooking time. Stir until blended and hot.


Technically, you’re supposed to use actual kimchi. Really though, the kimchi provides flavor and since the kimchi gugmul/김치국물 is the source of savoriness, it makes sense to reclaim it this way. The onion provides the crunch and you could easily add beef, pork or even a can of tuna to the mix. Serving option: top it with a fried egg. Enjoy!