March 2008

Korea Tourism’s official tagline is currently “Korea Sparkling.”


I personally celebrated finding Korean sparkling water. Bubbly water is the best because I am not a fan of sugar substitutes or drinking a candy bar. Buyer beware, don’t accidentally grab the Chilsung Zero that looks deceptively similar, it tastes like bubblegum and not like 7-Up.


Korean sparkling water (1.5L) found at E-Mart for 1,500W.


Snow days have passed and there were a few days of rain. When it rains you will find these plastic bag dispensers everywhere. They are meant to wrap up your wet umbrella so that you (a) won’t make a mess inside the store, (b) can carry your umbrella around without (c) making a mess of yourself.


Advanced umbrella technology, generations beyond the public umbrella bucket where “takers” outnumber “leavers.” Fold-out or full-sized umbrella bags and a place to toss used ones when you leave.

Hope you had a Happy Easter. If it wasn’t for my American calendar, the day would have come and gone without notice since we don’t attend church regularly. For having so many Christians, Korea doesn’t pump Easter as a holiday. I didn’t see chocolate eggs or bunnies in stores. Because eggs here are brown, I opted not to dye any Easter eggs. Good thing I bought an Easter towel the last time I was in LA.


I’ve seen quite a few interesting vending machines here in Seoul:


Cigarette vending machine.


Hot ramen noodles vending machine.

While riding the subway (without my digital camera), I spotted a paperback book vending machine where titles cost 2,000W~4,000W.

I actually heard birds chirping yesterday. Believing that spring has arrived, I planted seeds in my veranda garden. For expats on their way to live in Seoul, I’d recommend that you bring along the following since these fresh herbs cannot be found:

Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, Mint, Rosemary.


Last year I had great success with basil.

March 14 is “White Day” in Korea.


Think of it as the Korea’s Valentine’s Day. You give your sweetie sweets.


I got a box that reads: “Cupid, I hope you have a wonderful time on this spesial day.”

At your nearby convenience store (편히점) you will find a wide selection of packaged meat to go. Meat on a stick, finger food meat, soy sauce seasoned hard boiled eggs. Incredible, edible, portable.



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