Last night we went to the recently opened On the Border at COEX. It’s a Brinker International chain (think Chili’s and Macaroni Grill) that’s new to Seoul. I was pleased to have endless chips and salsa and since the food is shipped from the states things taste right. A few nights ago I dreamed about eating a hard-shelled taco and low and behold, they are on the menu! Tips: enchiladas automatically come with a sour cream sauce unless you request the red sauce; if you take home leftovers they forget to pack the refried beans so specify that you want everything on your plate; ask nicely and they will also pack some chips and salsa in your doggie bag. Portions are large and prices are reasonable (a $11 meal stateside costs 14,000W in Seoul).

Samseong exit on Subway Line 2, at COEX near Hyundai Department Store.