It might be short for “Transportation Money.”  The T-Money card lets you pay for riding the bus, subway or taxi in South Korea.  It’s “smart” because it allows you to transfer from bus to bus and bus to subway and vice versa within 30 minutes at no additional charge, no paper slip to misplace.

FYI: Bus fare is reduced 100W or more when using T-Money.

Tips: *Always remember to “click” out when you disembark a bus, just in case you do transfer and also to officially end that trip (it’s possible to be charged for an extended fare the next time you ride that bus line).

*You can pay bus fare for a friend by telling the bus driver before you “click” your T-Money card.

T-Money can be recharged at a convenience store or at self-service kiosks throughout South Korea.  I started out with the standard card and then had it added as a feature to my credit card.  Now I prefer using the key ring accessory attached to my mobile phone. T-Money is the same as cash at some retail stores and public telephones.  Even when your wallet is empty, you can at least make it home with a charged T-Money card (the balance is revealed after each “click”).


T-Money entry/exit on the Seoul Metropolitan Subway.