As an American citizen of Korean descent married to a Korean National, I have two visa options:  F-4 visas are for overseas Koreans. F-2 visas are for spouses of Korean Nationals.  Each costs approximately 30,000W and requires renewal every two years.  Not sure which category to file under, I asked the immigration officer.  TIP:  F-4 visa holders may exit and enter South Korea at will. F-2 visa holders must file any overseas trips with the Seoul Immigration Office.


We spent most of the day trying to find this building (on the outskirts of Seoul), looking for parking (lot was full and streets are one-way) and waiting for service (nearly 2 hours ~ it is said to be shorter in the morning).


BTW: Gyopos need proper documentation of their English names along with their Korean Family Registry. This is the common problem when processing F-4 visas (e.g.: demonstrate how Kim Chul-Soo = Charles Kim).


The comment box at the immigration office must hold more “Unkindness” than “Kindness” based on the remaining slips.