Every time we get gasoline we get a “complimentary” packet of tissues (gift with purchase since gasoline is expensive ~ 3-4xs US prices).  There are three kinds: a small box that’s good in the car, a folded packet that travels well inside bags and then a pop-up packet that piles up from disuse because they get lost easily and dusty after opening.  I found a gyopo solution: get a toilet tissue cylinder (particular to Asia), an empty pill bottle and one pop-up packet.  Fill the pill bottle with beans or rice (adds weight needed to keep the dispenser in place while tugging tissue out), lay it on the bottom of the tissue, top with a packet of tissue, close lid and pull up the first sheet.  Now we’re actually using those darned tissue packs ~ a welcome option to dispensing endless toilet paper from toilet tissue cylinders.


Gyopo solution to a tissue issue.