When buying baby things I made sure to get clothes, receiving blankets, crib linens, diapers, etc.  The most frequently used are baby hankies.  Nanny-ajuma introduced them to us and says they are unique to Korea (Tip: great gift idea for expats in Korea to send overseas friends).  Baby hankies are used as napkins when the baby is eating, over the shoulder burp cloths, spit up pillow protectors, bath time washcloths, knotted at the neck as a bib, folded up to “brush” baby hair into place, and more ~ better than tissue, flannel, or terry cloth. Their uses are endless.  One can never have too many of these.  They are just the right size, cute, useful and dry quickly (essential here because everything is drip dried).


Baby hankies are 100% cotton, they are literally handkerchiefs featuring cartoon animals.