There are many ways to and from Incheon International Airport.  Hire a taxi for around 50,000W and you get door-to-door service.  Take the new subway line for about 8,000W.  Ride a limousine bus for around 14,000W.  The turquoise KAL airport bus stops at major hotels in Seoul, the driver handles your luggage and you can read in-flight magazines along the way.  The red airport bus costs less and has more stops ~  popular bus stops, central subway stations and major landmarks in Seoul.  The BTW, getting dropped off by a friend isn’t cheaper since the highway toll to Incheon costs nearly 15,000W each way plus airport parking fees.



Airport limosine bus stop is easy to understand in any language… and you don’t need to be flying KAL since the airport is a manageable size to find every airline counter upon arrival.