Part two of a series on Korean baby vocabulary.  These are words that are spoken to children, by children. Adult equivalents, if they exist, are in brackets.

Go-choo/고추: boy parts (genitals)  [자지]

Kko-kka/꼬까: nice, cute, new outfit

Nehn-neh/낸내: sleep [잠]

Jahm-jee/잠지: girl parts (genitals) [보지]

Jee-jee/지지: unclean, dirty [더럽다]

Jjee-jjee/찌찌: boob (nursing) [젖]

Ah-yah (yah)/아야(야): ouchie, pain [아프다]

Uh-yah/어야: outside [외출]


In Konglish: “Let’s put on your Kko-kka and go Uh-yah!”