December 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Here’s a picture of our little tree (less than 22 inches tall). It was purchased at Daiso for 3,000w, the silver and gold balls came in a pack for 2,000w, the candy canes are handmade, the garland is a re-purposed styrofoam pouch, the star was made using part of  a kitchen sponge, and the tree skirt is actually an artfully clipped pillow cover.

The one day we venture outside in the cold we actually hailed two lady cab drivers. The first one drove fast and furious, trying too hard to keep up with the “guys.” The second one was dressed in hanbok, traditional all the way down to her shoes. I had to take a picture to memorialize the day (not a holiday) and the outfit.

Lady cab drivers are rare, probably accounting for less than 10% of taxi drivers in Seoul.

Christmas trees have popped up all over Seoul. I’ve noticed that there is a lot of blue used in Christmas displays here. Blue lights, blue ornaments, blue garlands…which I would instead associate with Hanukkah. Oh well, at least it’s festive.

The technical problems began about the time of my last posting. I could not find my digital camera charging dock for about a week. Then, the computer kicked the bucket. The error message read “NTLDR is missing” and professionals had to be called in for repairs. Hopefully, technology will work next week. Sorry for the silence.