January 2010

Lately life has been moldy and messy. The bedroom closets were infested with mold because of the difference in temperatures between inside and outside, the back side abuts an exterior wall. As a result we had to vacate the master bedroom and sleep in the baby room, clear out the closets, wash everything, navigate around mountains of stuff that used to be hidden away, get mold removal estimates, have the closets and the interior wall rebuilt and try not to become hypochondriacs for weeks. Needless to say I learned some Korean, gompangi/곰팡이 (mold) and saengi-da/생기다 (to form).

Woke up this morning to serious amounts of snow.

Tree branches look strained under the thick snow.

Hubby attempted to drive to work but couldn’t find the street. The only functioning mode of transportation today is the subway, which is packed.