September 2010

It’s difficult to find a savory snack on the supermarket shelf. Most crackers and chips are sugary sweet.

When scanning the shelf for a snack with my toddler, we found “고래밥/gorae bap/Whale Food.” While still slightly sweet, it’s actually a salty snack.

Hooray for a savory snack option!

No surprise, there are new high rise apartments in my neighborhood. What was surprising were the tree IV’s (intravenous therapy).

Larger trees are literally receiving intravenous therapy to help them cope with the trauma of being transplanted. I wonder how they will wear winter sweaters in a few months time…

Bread options are getting better in Korea but it was still hard to find English muffins outside of American fast food retailers (McD, Dunkins). Nearly tempted to try baking my own, they magically appeared at E-Mart. They come whole (not pre-cut) and are quite tasty, unlike other Shany products. Look for them, sold four for 1,400W (less than $1.40 USD).