My eldest son is now a first grade student at the local Korean elementary school.

wp-1467650097368.jpgThe school day starts at 9am and ends at 12:40pm most days (Tuesdays and Thursdays end at 1:40pm). Preschool was better because there was a shuttle bus to and from, longer school days (home at 3pm or 5pm), and no homework.

The school year begins in March. Everything about the Korean education system is new to me. I was entirely educated from kindergarten to post-graduate studies in America. I am confused by school bulletins, academic calendar, school supplies, homework assignments, school song, class chant, extra-curricular activities.

Nothing makes sense to me. There are drinking fountains but he is told not to drink the water. Seoul has some of the cleanest metropolitan tap water in the world. We have tried four different water bottles in four short months of school. Too small, too big, leaky, insulated.

I may need a tutor…or a summer vacation.