Tomorrow is November 11th which means Peppero Day in Korea. I’ll be buying a giant box because they are only available this time of year.

It’s also the start of the G20 meetings in Seoul.

FYI: plan on not going to or near COEX because the security is extreme.


We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Here’s a picture of our little tree (less than 22 inches tall). It was purchased at Daiso for 3,000w, the silver and gold balls came in a pack for 2,000w, the candy canes are handmade, the garland is a re-purposed styrofoam pouch, the star was made using part of  a kitchen sponge, and the tree skirt is actually an artfully clipped pillow cover.

Christmas trees have popped up all over Seoul. I’ve noticed that there is a lot of blue used in Christmas displays here. Blue lights, blue ornaments, blue garlands…which I would instead associate with Hanukkah. Oh well, at least it’s festive.

It’s Halloween this weekend and this is the extent of the display at my local E-Mart. Thankfully I have thoughtful family and  friends who sent us cute baby costumes and candy corn in the mail.


Happy Halloween!

Today is Hangeul Day/한글날 which commemorates King Sejong’s development of the Korean alphabet in 1443 so that more people could be literate, not just the scholarly who studied Chinese characters/한자. As a result nearly 98% of the population is literate today. There are flags lining the streets of Seoul but it’s not an official holiday.


This weekend Korea celebrates Chuseok/추석.  It’s the equivalent of Thanksgiving plus Christmas because there is lots of eating and gifts are given to family members. Very traditional families will even dress in hanbok/한복 and bow to ancestors. Gift box sets are the rage right now and the Spam sets make me smile.


Happy Chuseok!

May 8th is Parents’ Day (어버이날) in Korea. It used to just be Mothers’ Day until fathers realized there wasn’t a day for them. Carnations are given to parents as bouquets, baskets and/or boutonnieres.


Corner flower shop with display for Parents’ Day.

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