Since the husband is a cinephile and I am not quite bilingual, we found a movie theater that screens Korean movies with English subtitles. For those expats in Korea who want to watch recent films and understand them, go to Yongsan CGV (also has IMAX).

On the 6th floor of the Yongsan Subway Station mall.


It’s sad but true, unauthorized copies of recently released movies (Hollywood and Hallyu) are easier to buy from street vendors than legitimately rent them. Worse, the cost is equivalent: about 2,000W to rent versus about 3,333W to buy (3 for 10,000W is the going rate). The only reason to wait for the legitimate DVD rental is to view Special Features, which is a must for my film professor husband.

Most DVD shops also rent comic books, popular novels, and fashion magazines.

English programming on Korean Cable TV has its pros and cons. The good: lots of movies, a smattering of reality TV shows, Hollywood entertainment news, runway fashion shows, talk shows, crime dramas, cooking programs, and world news. The bad: the same movie is played 20 times in one month with the best movies airing after 2 a.m., reality TV shows are aired out of order (Project Runway’s final three plays before the second elimination), Hollywood updates are days old, and no live sports.


The best thing: fewer commercial breaks. Oprah is done in 20 minutes because there is only one commercial break. It’s like watching with a DVR.

kbs is presenting the exhibition nam june paik: rhapsody in video until the end of this month. there are large scale pieces, paintings and video screening rooms to sit and watch his work and life. the father of video art was a citizen of the world, born in korea and living in hong kong, japan, germany, new york and miami. worth a visit and taking pictures is permitted. we were there for nearly 2 hours. here’s our best shot:



south korea’s presidential election will be held later this month.  in preparation, these posters have been plastered throughout the city over the weekend.  each of the twelve presidential candidates has been assigned a ballot number and his party/personal message accompanies his picture.  the number assigned does not necessarily relate to his popularity in public opinion polls, but the top three candidates are in the first three slots (not in order).  

having 12 presidential candidates has made it impossible to hold a proper, televised debate.   a single session with twelve men debating would be difficult to moderate.  therefore networks wanted to present those candidates with actual potential to be elected (polls demonstrating more than 5% of voters).  less popular candidates cried foul, as it limited their voice.  

instead, news broadcasts focus on the BBK scandal and frontrunner, Lee Myung-Bak’s (이명박) potential involvement.  while the people hear roving trucks blaring pop songs especially written for each candidate and party volunteers hold clapping rallies on busy street corners.  




when watching the korean news television broadcasts, i have been struck by the frequency of chipmunk voices and blurred pictures.  it seems that chipmunks have the inside scoop on criminal acts in korean society.  for example, this chipmunk employee tells journalists what he heard as a man was being beaten:§ion_id=102

a chipmunk could have had a part in the crime or been a witness to the wrongdoing.  either way, it makes watching the news more fun…my ears perk up when i hear chipmunk voices. 

anyung 안녕 means “hi” in korean.

i am a newlywed gyopo교포 wife living in seoul. i left los angeles to start a new life with my film professor husband. here you’ll get to see what i learned, what i did, what i noticed and more. for starters, this is my international acting debut (he wrote, directed, produced):


or these load more quickly:   (football/soccer)   (golf)

suddenly it has become winter. unaccustomed to seasons, i can hardly handle the cold outside. thankfully korean homes are heated using radiant heat (ondol 온돌). this means that the hot water pipes run underfoot and it’s nice and toasty inside. today i won’t go outside because there is enough food to last until tomorrow when i have an appointment to A/S (“after service”, repair) my handphone (mobile, cellular) and the walk home will take me past my favorite market (shijang 시장).