My toddler begs to go out everyday. It’s been difficult lately because we had to change nannies again. We finally made it outside this afternoon and discovered ice at the bottom of his favorite slide. Needless to say, the playground was a ghost town. Still, he refused to wear his hat or gloves and spent all his time playing with ice cold sand.


Woke up this morning to serious amounts of snow.

Tree branches look strained under the thick snow.

Hubby attempted to drive to work but couldn’t find the street. The only functioning mode of transportation today is the subway, which is packed.

This week has been very cold in Korea. Weather forecasts snow today. It’s hard for me to leave the warmth of ondol/온돌 floors to step outside into the freezing air. Managed to make one trip out to pick up things to beat the cold ~ or catching one that is.

Gyool/귤 have lots of vitamin C, are tasty and practically free this season. I got a 4kg box for 5,000W ~ that’s less than $1 per pound.

Also required this winter is a face mask to guard against the H1N1 flu. Just about every other person on the street is wearing one. Not quite sure if a mask is effective since I keep having to remove mine to keep my glasses from fogging up.

Tree leaves are turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red nowadays.


And they are donning their winter wardrobe as well ~ tree cozies/sweaters are popping up all over Seoul.


July in Seoul means hot humid rains or jangma/장마. There was sunshine on Sunday and we took a stroll along Cheonggyecheon Stream and came across a doll enjoying the stepping stones in the park.


Then we ate dinner at Gwangjang Market…so many delicious food stalls.


The bean pancakes are a must-eat.

Today is Cho-Bok/초복, which marks the start of the height of summer. Really it’s the heat of summer. Koreans mark this day by eating sam-gye-tang/삼계탕, a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup. Eating hot soup is supposed to cool the body. I’d rather eat naeng-myun/냉면, cold noodle soup, and sit by the fan…that entertains the baby since adding ribbons on the handle.


The display of springtime flowers in Seoul is amazing.  There are blooming trees and bushes in pale pink, fuschia, purple, yellow, white and more. It’s lovely while it lasts. Now it’s getting to be so hot that the flowers are melting, as am I.


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